True Essence is a food innovation company, working to create a fresher, more flavorful and sustainable global food chain. We offer first-in-class products, technologies, and solutions to meet consumer demand while enabling new industry practices. We align with partners at every point in the supply chain, creating solutions to both food waste and availability challenges by improving shelf-stability.


Matt Rubin, the founder of True Essence, is an Indianapolis native who came by science honestly. As a child, he entertained himself in the lab with liquid nitrogen and rubber bands while his mother, a biochemist, conducted experiments. His parents instilled in him a love for biology and nature untouched. He recalls his family hiking through the back country of Colorado — hopping off a train to scale a mountain. “It gave me just a beautiful appreciation for pristine wilderness,” he said.

Over the years, Matt studied chemistry, physics, and engineering, but “from a passion perspective, I was very much a biologist,” he said. Astute and ambitious, he understood that in order to protect an organism or ecosystem, you must study disciplines beyond biology.

He realized early on that the business community wasn’t invested in sustainability or the environment. And biologists weren’t invested in the business community’s economic concerns. So he devoted himself to learning business, then became a liaison of sorts — manifesting science into business opportunities.

True to his passion, Matt closely followed the emergence of thought around sustainability. “All the articles read the same way,” Matt said. “If only the entire world would adopt this one strategy, then this one problem would be fixed. But they were just creating another problem down the line.”  

So, Matt created a construct: A truly sustainable solution should account for five key variables: food, water, energy, transportation, and waste management. That approach guides his work to this day.

Building the Rocket Ship

In explaining the development of the True Essence technology platform, our founder likens SoChatti chocolate, our first proof of concept, to a rocket ship.

“Imagine you’re interested in sustainability, and you’re asked to build a rocket ship. And while designing the rocket ship, you notice that the technologies used for the project could be applied to what you’re ultimately passionate about, which is sustainability.

Chocolate was our rocket ship. It was the unsolvable problem, the Mount Everest of the food industry. It burns at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It hates moisture, it hates heat, but you have to reduce its size by 1000 times to turn it into something smooth. And anything that removes water from the chocolate removes all other natural aroma. You have these opposing forces in chocolate that are more extreme. So it was our Everest. And because we developed the technology for this hard problem, all the easier problems just work really well.”

— Founder and CEO of True Essence, Matt Rubin


We’ve come a long way — from solving the chocolate riddle to developing a technology platform with global impact.

Our technology portfolio covers food and beverage production equipment and methods, packaging, and product creation. And our sustainable solutions capture and balance flavor, for better tasting products and reduced waste at every point in the food chain.

Now, we’re taking our innovations beyond our walls, enabling exciting new solutions for future partners.