SoChatti To-Go Packs



SoChatti is a shelf stable, pure dark chocolate made from only 3 simple, all natural ingredients. It contains no additives, emulsifiers or preservatives. SoChatti is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, nut free, vegan, kosher pareve, and halal.

  • Packaged to protect the delicate flavors lost in typical chocolate manufacturing. 
  • Our proprietary process preserves flavor and our packaging locks it in to deliver delicious chocolate to the consumer in either melted or solid form. 
  • .8oz snack packs provide a convenient, no-mess way to enjoy the chocolate maker’s experience in both melted and solid form. 
  • Three Ingredients: Cacao nibs, organic cane sugar and organic cacao butter.
  • Responsibly sourced cacao from fair trade farming partners around the world. 
  • Four, flavorful origins: 
    • Peru - Complex notes of red berries dance across a smooth chocolate base
    • Tanzania - Crisp notes of blueberry peaks brighten a creamy chocolate base
    • Trinidad - Delicate notes of sweet vanilla and honey over a subtle chocolate base
    • Honduras - Stout and smoky notes round out a rich chocolate base